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Heat Shrink Tubing

Clear Heat Shrink Tubing (10 cm)



This is standard, transparent heat shrink tubing. It protects against moisture while providing electrical insulation. Heat shrink tubing is used to protect cables, wires, and more recently, circuit boards from harsh environments. They seal cable interfaces and create watertight barriers in form factors that match the object it's being used on.

If you're looking for lightweight protection for cables or circuit boards, single wall heat shrink tubing is the way to go.

We offer it transparent heat shrink tubing in small to very wide diameters that can accommodate circuit boards and offers very good protection for a design when you can't use an enclosure. This could be due to weight issues like for lightweight animal tracking devices or size concerns, like it needs to be hidden inside a small crevice in a tree.

Both standard heat shrink tubing and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing can protect cables and circuits. Standard heat shrink tubing is lighter due to the absence of adhesive while adhesive lined heat shrink tubing offers much greater protection. Standard heat shrink tubing can also be cut off to recover the original circuit board. Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing cannot since the adhesive is very difficult to remove. This should be taken into account when deciding between the two choices.

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