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IP65 Enclosure with Mounting Ears - 100 x 68 x 50 mm



This is an IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure with mounting ears. The dimensions are 100x68x55 mm (Length x Width x Height). This is the same enclosure used with the WildLogger kits as well as some of our other designs.

We like the idea of having designs targeted at the same enclosure since enclosures can often be re-used. Also enclosures build wear as they're out in the field so we like making them available to purchase separately. Having spare enclosures is also nice in case they need sudden replacement or if you need to drill them out separately for a different connector configuration.

This enclosure can house a circuit board, AA batteries, and multiple external connectors. It is watertight with a gasket seal around the top of the enclosure and can handle many types of extreme weather. It also has mounting ears so it can be mounted with screws, nails, or zip ties for quick attachments.

This enclosure is one of our workhorse enclosures, designed to have a fairly small footprint while being spacious enough to house a circuit board, AA batteries, and some external connectors. It can even house 18650 lithium-ion batteries, although with the circuit board, internal cabling, and connectors, it can get a little cramped. We recommend it as an enclsoure for a relatively small design and needs a 3xAA battery pack or a single lithium ion 18650 battery.

This enclosure is one of our favorites for workhorse designs. It's small-ish, lightweight, and low cost. The material is ABS plastic which makes it easy to drill for different connector configurations.

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