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Ultrasonic Tx/Rx Transducers, Closed Aperture


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These are water proof, dust proof, ultrasonic transducers made for outdoor use. They're manufactured by Nicera and the part number is PT-40-18/PR-40-18.

These Nicera ultrasonic acoustic sensors come in a pair of transmit and receive sensors. Ultrasonic acoustic detection is popular in sonar range-finding applications such as robotics for object detection and avoidance. One ultrasonic acoustic sensor does the transmission and the other does the reception. This allows it to be possible to both send and receive pings simultaneously. This the major advantage of having a discrete Tx/Rx pair versus having a single transceiver, since you don't have to switch to a listening mode after transmission. This decreases the dead zone for objects which are extremely close due to the switchover time from Tx to Rx and improves the close-range detection.


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