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FreakUSB 900MHz, Wireless 802.15.4 USB Dongle v1.1


Would you like to add wireless connectivity to your web, PC, or Raspberry Pi app? Do complex wireless protocols strike fear into your heart? If so, take a look at the FreakUSB 900 MHz wireless dongle.

This handy little device is an Arduino-compatible 900 MHz 802.15.4 USB wireless dongle. That may sound like a mouthful, but the main point is it uses open standards, with open source software, and open source hardware.

A lot of people get confused between using 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz. The simple rule of thumb is that 2.4 GHz devices are more common because it's an international license free band, while 900 MHz devices enjoy better range with far less interference since there are fewer 900 MHz devices. My personal preference is 900 MHz when I need good coverage over large areas, through walls, or long distances outdoors.

This form factor is much more convenient when tethering to PCs or embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi since you don't have to futz around with boards and cables. You can just plug it in to a spare USB port and control other 900 MHz 802.15.4 devices. It's also very handy as a portable wireless 802.15.4 or Zigbee network sniffer. It's a great little tool for communicating with your other 802.15.4 wireless nodes and in sniffer mode, debugging your wireless sensor network.

It's fully compatible with all 900 MHz Freakduino products so you can design your device, throw it on to a shield, put it on a Freakduino, and then control it or collect data via your PC or Raspberry Pi with this dongle.

This product was designed specifically to be small and portable so that its easy to carry around anywhere. The board also sports an FTDI USB/Serial bridge which is well supported on all Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. It's completely compatible with the Arduino IDE and supported by the chibiArduino wireless software so development is a breeze.

In addition to all of that, this device also supports the standard data rate of 250 kbps as well as data rates of 500 kbps, and 1 Mbps. If extra range is needed, you can also go down to 40 kbps or 20 kbps and have a huge improvement in range.

You can find the user guide for the device here:

You can find the chibiArduino wireless software here:

And here are some tutorials to get you started:
Wireless Communications With ChibiArduino 01: Hello Wireless World
Wireless Communications With ChibiArduino 02: Wireless Blink
Wireless Communications With ChibiArduino 03: Intro To Wireless Sensors
Wireless Communications With ChibiArduino 04: Wireless Pushbutton

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