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Membrane Seals

ePTFE Waterproof, Breathable, Sound Permeable Membrane- 24mm



ePTFE is a waterproof material that can act as a breathable membrane for devices. It's a porous material that allows the exchange of air through it, but has pores small enough that water molecules cannot penetrate it. It goes by the common trade name, Gore-Tex and is regularly used in waterproof fabrics for outdoor gear as a way to maintain a waterproof exterior while allowing air to circulate through.

It's also commonly used in waterproof mobile phones to protect the microphone and speakers from moisture. ePTFE membranes are a good way to keep your microphones and speakers dry in your field devices while still allowing sound to pass through. They're also a good choice if you need to keep your field devices dry and watertight, yet still need to allow air to circulate.

This ePTFE membranes seal is 24mm in diameter. The actual membrane portion is 0.15mm thick.

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