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External Connectors

Aviation Type SP13 Waterproof IP68 External Connector


This is an SP13 waterproof, IP68 connector that mounts externally on enclosures. It's an extremely rugged connector with polarized mating and threaded locking cap. This means that it's not possible to plug the cable in incorrectly since there's only one way the cable can mate with the receptacle correctly.

The threaded locking cap means that once the cable is mated and the locking cap is screwed on, it's not possible to yank out the connector, for example by someone tripping over the cable or naughty monkeys that happen across your device in the field.

Also the panel mount side, the one that goes on the enclosure, has a watertight cap so it can be covered when not in use. The cable side has a gasketed, compression fitting so it can prevent moisture from coming in from the cable interface side.

If you're going to deploy in harsh environments and you need to interface it to the outside world with cables, we highly recommend the SP13 connector series.

For the options, please specify whether you want the Receptacle side (the side that mounts to the enclosure) or the Plug side (the side that the cable attaches to).

Also please specify the pin count you want for the connectors. For a mated pair, the pin counts need to match. If the pin count you need is not available, please contact us and we can do a special order.

SP13 Aviation Connector Datasheet

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