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External Connectors

IP68 Nylon Cable Glands


Cable glands are an inexpensive way to keep a field device watertight and still allow signals and power to enter and exit. If you need your field instrument to connect to external devices, such as battery packs, sensor modules, or other field instruments, a cable gland is a low-cost way to do this and still maintain a watertight seal.

These cable glands are made out of polypropylene (Nylon) and are resistant to acids, alkalis, and alcohol. They have a gasketed rear mounting nut to prevent moisture from entering through the mounting hole. There is also a gasketed compression fitting that can be tightened around the cable or cable bundle to allow a watertight seal up to IP68.

It's important to choose the correct size for your cable gasket depending on the cable size or number of cables that will pass through. We have cable glands in a variety of sizes. Please see the table below in the images for more information on cable gland size and compatible cable diameters.

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