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2.4 GHz, 802.15.4 Radio Peripheral


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The FL-AT86RF230-DEV is a radio peripheral board with a universal serial connector that enables the FreakLabs rapid prototyping platform to communicate wirelessly with other devices. It’s based on the Atmel AT86RF230 wireless IC and conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol.

The chip is designed specifically for low power wireless communications and is commonly used in wireless sensor networking. It features a high receive sensitivity and +3dBm (2 mW) transmit power.

The board has two antenna options: an on-board antenna and an RP-SMA, RF connector for an external antenna. The default option is the RP-SMA external antenna connector. This provides the most flexibility because even without an antenna plugged in, the RP-SMA connector can perform almost as well as an SMD antenna. This is often useful during development when you don't necessarily care much about the range. However when higher performance is desired, then an external antenna can easily be attached. There are many types of external antennas such as omni-directional, semi-directional, or directional antennas. Having the RP-SMA antenna is the default and recommended option to provide the greatest flexibility.

It is also possible to have both the RP-SMA connector and an SMD antenna mounted on the board, with the active antenna being chosen by the option capacitor/resistor. If you decide to have both antenna options installed, you'll need to select the default antenna in the drop box below. This lets me know where to put the option capacitor/resistor.

You can specify the antenna option you’d like from the menu below. The default antenna will be the RP-SMA RF connector if no option is chosen.

FL-AT86RF230-DEV-v1.0 User Guide
Link to Chibi Project + source code

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