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WildLogger Kit

WildLogger Kit

Manufacturer: FreakLabs
Price: $40.00  $30.00

Weight: 0.175kg

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WildLogger Kit An open source, Arduino-based data logger designed for wildlife and conservation researchers. WildLogger is designed for customisation and deployment. It features 2 sensor interfaces, a PIR (motion) sensor interface, and an I2C interface for compatible devices. It's power optimised for a long battery life and includes battery regulation circuitry to keep the voltage stable even as the battery drains. It also features a realtime clock, SD card socket, and an enhanced microcontroller with 8x more RAM and 4x more flash than the standard Arduino. This takes the platform from rapid prototyping to professional development and deployment. The complete kit includes a PIR motion

WildLogger Kit
$40.00  $30.00
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