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Saboten 900 MHz Ruggedized Wireless Sensor Device v2.0

Saboten means “cactus” in Japanese and was designed from the ground up as a ruggedized wireless sensor device for environmental monitoring. It comes with an IP65 waterproof, weatherproof enclosure to protect the circuitry and internals from exposure to harsh outdoor conditions as well as water, insects, and dust. Saboten is the culmination of many outdoor environmental monitoring projects performed by members of FreakLabs. These projects have taken us from measureing water levels in the mountains of the Himalayas to radiation monitoring in the deserts of Egypt with many places in between. From the experiences from these projects, we’ve built up an expertise in outdoor environmental

Hackerfarm Solar Paper Lantern

Hackerfarm Solar Paper Lantern

Price: $10.00

Weight: 0.05kg

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The Hackerfarm Solar Paper Lantern is an exclusive design from Hackerfarm based on the original Kimono lantern designed by FreakLabs. This solar lantern comes with a rechargeable AAA battery, 150mA solar panel, paper lantern, and a circuit board outfitted with two power LEDs to provide light. In the daytime, the main controller chip automatically shuts off the lantern and charges the battery from the solar panel. When it becomes dark, the lantern will automatically turn on by using the solar panel as a sensor. Once the voltage drops below a certain threshold, the lantern turns on. This lantern comes stock with two 1 Watt power LEDs and a wide range of light emission. Due to its shape, it