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USB Mini Data Cable

USB Mini Data Cable

Price: $2.00

Weight: 0.05kg

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The USB Mini-B cable is more robust than the USB Micro-B cables but still has a smaller form factor than the USB Full sized B cables. We prefer this connector to the USB micro connectors since they are more stable against pulling forces and also won't bend or deform as easily. This cable is 0.8m long.

PIR Motion Sensor w/Optional Thermistor + Light Sensor

PIR sensors are used to detect motion from humans or warm blooded animals. They can work from up to 5 meters away and sense infrared radiation as heat. PIR sensors are active high and will output a 3.3V value when motion is detected. There are two knobs on the PIR sensor, one to adjust the sensitivity and one to adjust the duration of the output. The duration knob extends the duration from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. The sensitivity knob adjusts the sensitivity to increase the range. Be careful since if it's too sensitive, you'll get false positives and not sensitive enough means you'll miss motion events. The sensitivity also fluctuates with temperature so they become more sensitive in cold