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SP13 Waterproof IP68 Connector - Cable Side

SP13 Waterproof IP68 Connector - Cable Side

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Weight: 0.02kg

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This is an SP13 waterproof, IP68 connector for the cable side of the connector. This connector attaches to a cable and plugs into a panel connector.

SP13 Waterproof IP68 Connector - Panel Side

This is an IP68 waterproof panel mount connector. This side of the connector goes on the enclosure and includes a cap to seal the connector when not in use.

TPU Waterproof, Breathable, Sound Permeable Membrane - 28mm

TPU is a semi-rigid, waterproof material that can act as a breathable membrane for devices. It can be a protective covering for speakers and microphones that is permeable to sound but protects them from moisture. This particular membrane is 28mm in diameter.